Michael Angwin

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Uranium Association


Michael Angwin is the inaugural chief executive of the Australian Uranium Association, appointed in 2006.

He has been responsible for establishing the Association, its decision-making processes, its agenda and its advocacy approach.  Michael’s interest is in research-based advocacy; in widening and deepening the industry’s stakeholder relationships based on clearer understandings about how stakeholders perceive the nuclear fuel cycle; and on the need for the uranium industry to establish and make known its stewardship and best practice credentials.

Michael has been a senior executive at the Business Council of Australia and in the Commonwealth and Victorian public services, Rio Tinto’s Chief Employee Relations Adviser and the principal of a consulting business.

His career in public policy advocacy has focussed on industrial relations reform.   In business, his focus has been on leadership, organisational effectiveness and modernising work practices in large companies.

He is the co-author of several books on industrial relations reform and the author of many published articles and of many public addresses.

Michael Angwin